General Terms and Conditions


1. When do these General Terms apply?
These General Terms apply to all offers and agreements relating to the sale and delivery of products by Speedminton GmbH. When you order anything at our Speedminton website ( or accept an offer from Speedminton GmbH, your agreement to the General Terms in the course of the order process constitutes your acceptance of the applicability of these General Terms. It is only possible to deviate from these General Terms if agreed in writing by Speedminton GmbH.

2. Offer and prices
The offers on our Website are without obligation and do not bind Speedminton GmbH. Minor colour and other variations in products are possible as a result of different image acquisition, display technologies or other technical reasons. Speedminton GmbH is not liable for these variations and deviations.

The stated prices include VAT. Prices are quoted in Euros (EUR). Speedminton GmbH reserves the right to make price and product changes prior to an order placed by you.

Speedminton GmbH charges shipping costs. The shipping costs are further detailed under the heading ‘Shipping and Returns’ on our Website. These costs will, if applicable, be charged separately and specified and added up with the total amount of the order.

3. How is a contract concluded with you?
Orders you place via the Website for the products offered by Speedminton GmbH through the Website are only an offer to conclude a sales contract. The sales contract is only concluded upon the confirmation by Speedminton GmbH of the order per e-mail to you. Until you have received this confirmation, you can still cancel the order.

You warrant that the information you provide to Speedminton GmbH in the request or order is accurate and complete. Speedminton GmbH is never obliged to accept an order. Speedminton GmbH is entitled at all times to verify an order in advance or to refuse an order without providing reasons. If Speedminton does not confirm your order within seven working days, it is deemed to have been refused.

4. Delivery
Deliveries will be done on business days, not being a public holiday. For  a delivery a signature for receipt may be required.

5. Retention of title
The delivered products will remain the property of Speedminton GmbH until you have paid the amount owing to us in full:you may not sell, dispose of or encumber products before ownership thereof has passed to you.

6. Applicable law
German law applies to the sales contract, to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

7. Trademarks and Product Usage
The use of Speedminton GmbH trademarks for advertising purposes requires our prior written approval.
Any advertising materials provided by Speedminton GmbH may only be used for the declared purpose of advertising and promoting sales of Speedminton products.